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Joint Stock Company "PressMash" produces complex technological machinery with the combined working process in one unit. It can be: squeeze /squeeze out effort + plastification + cooling + steam processing + heating by HFC + vulkanization. the basic device in all units is a hidraulic press. The factory produces wide range of hidraulic presses with effort from 0,5 to 2500 tons wich can be the basis for projecting and producing technological complexes for any purposes. Every technological complex supply with device for mechanized feeding with material and taking off finished product, control tools with different levels of automatisation. There are more than 50 types of units in assortment of company's production now.

Technological equipment:
Factory is equiped with unique technological equipment which allows to work up shafts with diameter 3200 mm and lenth 16000 mm, barrel-type details with lenth12000 mm and inner diameter 50 mm, shaped surfaces, to do diamond polish, thermo- and galvanic processing of overall details, processing of spiral shafts with diameter 400 mm and lenth 2800 mm.

Company's history:

  • 01.12.1952 - founding of Odessa press factory.
  • 1976 - creation of Odessa press industrial association.
  • 31.12.1994 - establishig of the Goint Stock Company "PressMash"
  • 18.04.2000 - establishig of the Trade House"Elefant"

Main directions of work of the Trade House"Elefant":

  • presale preparation of product
  • sale and service of product
  • forming packets of orders on the producing press units
  • replenishing of industrial technological complexes based on press machinery
  • business-projecting of solid undertakings with full production cicle
  • reconstruction and renewal of technological machinery

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