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Ready-made storage

the line for manufacturing bricks
and other building materials
in the unheating way
Model AKP 205

The line consists from the hydraulic press, two conveyors and the amalgamator. By replacement of details of punch and matrixes on press it is possible to form continuous bricks, bricks with through apertures and deaf deepenings, sidewalk and facing bars. Thus sub-standard materials and waste products of manufacture, waste products from crushing rocks on rubble, waste products of foundry manufacture, the domain slags, the washed out river sand and other are used.

1 Nominal effort kN 1600
2 The greatest course of a punch mm 140
3 The size of a brick mm 250x120x65
4 Productivity sticks per hour 275
5 Capacity of electric motors kW 24,8
6 Size: mm
length 13320
width 1440
height 2720
7 weight kg 7000

Press is carried out without conveyors. Warranty: 12 months. Terms of delivery - up to 2 months.

Hydraulic briquetting press, model B6234. It is intended for bricketing black and color metal shavings.

Model DP3334. F1 (a control system on the basis of accessories of firm " Muller ")
It is intended for producing of products by a method of moulding under pressure from thermoplastic materials of polystyrene, polythene, polyamide, polyformaldehyde, polycarbonate, polypropylene.
On the automatic device one or several products for one cycle can be produced depending on a configuration, volume and the area of moulding.


Model PA6730
Are intended for pressing and unpressing of the underground, trams, railway, mining and metallurgical transport wheel pairs; for unpressing shaft in rotors of electromachines; for pressing cartridges, bearings, gears and others similar works.


we carry out delivery and installation of polypropylen armchairs for stadiums and sports halls, office accommodations and halls for carrying out of entertainment actions. An opportunity of a unlimited choice of colors and shades. The design of armchairs answers standards of FIFA and UEFA.
The design of armchairs is executed in view of ergonomics, the basis is strengthed by additional edges of rigidity, armchairs have a system of a drain of water.
Installation of armchairs is carried out on any basis: concrete, metal, tree. Fasten four bolts which are closed with chokes, protecting from non-authorized uninstall.

Overall dimensions, mm:
length 416
width - 520
height - 310
Weight about 2 kg.
Frost resistance not less than 50 cycles. Light resistance of 8 years.
Armchairs correspond standart TU U 25421613-001-99 " Sitting for spectators, polymeric"

Machines one-item for moulding thermoplastic and thermoreactive materials under pressure. Models D3134; D3136; DP3140

Are intended for reception of products by a method of moulding under pressure from polystyrene and his copolymers, polythene of high and low density, polypropylene, polyamides, polycarbonates, polyformaldehydes and others. The material is applied as granules, a crumb with temperature of plastification up to 350 ° C.

The rotor-conveyor line for moulding under pressure
Model L525

Is intended for manufacturing details of mass purposes, including carving, from polythene and shock-resistant polystyrene with temperature of plastification up to 250 ° C.

the extrusion-blown machine for manufacture of hollow products.
The model ZD3010

Is intended for manufacturing by a method of blowing of hollow products from polythene of high and low pressure. By the machine it is possible to produce the various hollow products having the closed form. The container and utensils from the polythene, made by a method of blowing, in plenties are applied to packaging, transportation and storage various loose and liquid materials.


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