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Dear sirs!

Председатель правления открытого акционерного общества "Прессмаш", Л.Ф.ВыхватеньProduction of the Odessa factory "Pressmash" does not require advertising. Our thermoplastic automatic units, hydraulic, bricketing presses work practically trouble-free 25-30 years, having exceeded all settlement parameters of life cycle. They are well known in Brasil, Syria, countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, let alone the countries of CIS. The closed technological complexes are rather attractive to the investments which we make, such, for example, as the automated lines for lubrication of electrodes. And such units, as press for cold squeezing of a relief of stamps, press for vulcanization of apertures of pneumatic trunks, press for deep cold drawing, inits for manufacturing of bended taps by a method of hot drawing, nobody else does let out! Recently, reacting on demand in the market, we master machines, essentially new to our manufacture, and mechanisms, such as automobile overturners for grain elevators, small-sized machines for moulding products from plastic, press for bricketing a wood shaving, machine for manufacturing sidewalk tiles of the increased) durability and others. We have not lost the traditions, and we precisely see the prospects! Let our cooperation becomes for you well-being business!

With the best regards,
L.F. Vyhvaten
the Chairman of a board of JSC "Pressmash",
General director

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