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Model T4136

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Nominal energy, kJ 400
Nominal effort of hydrocylinders output of the container, kN 110
Nominal pressure in hydrosystem, MPa 7
Volume of the chamber of combustion, litres 30
Fuel gaseous Natural gas (or propane-butane)
Oxidizer Compressed air
Nominal pressure of a gas mixture, MPa 1,0-1,2
Nominal pressure of components of a gas mixture in a head of a drive, MPa 
Natural gas 0,106
Compressed air 1,105
propane-butane (50 % on 50 %) 0,036
Compressed air 1,01
Nominal pressure in a network, MPa 
Air 2,0 ± 0,3
Gas 0,3
propane-butane 0,2
The nominal charge of components combustible 
Mixes on one working course of the machine under normal conditions p=101325 Pa and T=273 To, m3 
Natural gas 0,03
Air 0,28
propane-butane (50 % on 50 %) 0,01
Air 0,275
Diameter of the established tool, mm 300
The size of a briquette, kg 15
Productivity (at bulk density of 300-400 kg / m3), tones per hour 2,5
The established capacity (with the compressor), kw 47
Dimension of the machine, mm 5400x2010x2010
Weight of the machine without the compressor, kg2552,0

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