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Model PA7736

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Nominal effort, ts:
Press 400
Movings of a faceplate 
At the accelerated supply 38
At reverse motion 35
The greatest effort of a clip of a rim by an onboard part, ts 10
Nominal pressure, kgs/cm2 
Working liquid 200
Working liquid in cylinders of a hydropillow 50
Full speed of a faceplate, mm 630
Speed of a faceplate, mm / sec 
At the accelerated supply 176
At reverse motion 
In a slowed-up way 83
Accelerated 175
Course of a wedge, mm 
Full 170
working 70
Speed of a course of a wedge, mm / sec 
At low pressure 17
At a high pressure 8,6
Quantity releasing fists 10
Radial course of fists (on the party), mm 30
Adjustment of a radial course of fists (on the party), mm 5
Landing diameter under the tool formed released on a full speed by fists, mm 500-0,2
The sizes of unclenched rims, mm 
On diameter 550-810
On width 240-560
The greatest distance between a plate of a hydropillow and a faceplate, mm 630
Distance between columns in light, mm 
>From above - downwards 1250
In front - back 850
Height of an axis press above a level of a floor, mm 1675
General capacity of all electric motors, kw 51,1
Overall dimensions of press, mm 
At the left - to the right 5700
In front - back 1950
Height 3150
Overall dimensions of unit, mm 
At the left - to the right 6950
In front - back 1950
Height 3365
Weight of unit, kg35 452

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