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Wringing-out hidraulic press

Model ПА7734

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Nominal effort, ts 
Press 250
Returnable course 25
Admitted the greatest axial orally press, ts 280
Nominal pressure of кгс/sm2 160
Pressure of a liquid at axial effort 280 ts, кгс/sm2 180
Radial course wringing-out a fist on hundred (at a corner of a wedge 12 °) mm 
The greatest full 60
Including single 48
Including the working 12
The least full 30
Quantity wringing-out fists 12
Landing diameter under the tool formed wringing-out on the greatest full speed by fists, mm 520
Adjustment of landing diameter under the tool due to a cone (increase at the party), mm 5
Length of a working surface of a fist, mm 210
Axial speed of a wedge, mm / sec 
At idling 31
At a working course 10
At a returnable course 53
Corner of an inclination of an axis press to horizon (about sweat the rate) a hailstones 10
Height of an axis press above a level of a floor in inclined position (with a support) on an end face of a wedge, mm 1200
Total capacity of electric motors, kw 44,27
Overall dimensions of the unit (without electrocase and a control panel), mm 
At the left - to the right 3670
In front - back 3570
Height 1750
Weight of unit, kg12 300

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