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Model PA0438

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Nominal effort, ts 
Press on sewing a punch 630
Press on a pressing punch 250
Reverse motion 125
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
The greatest course, mm 
sewing a punch 1000
Pressing slider 1000
Rapproachements of slider 260
Open height of the press, mm 
Up to sewing slider 2800
Up to a working surface of pressing slider 2000
Speed of sliders, mm / sec 
Idling 300
Working course 300
Time of a cycle settlement, sec 20
Total capacity of electric motors of a drive of mechanization, kw 16,7
Drive press from an accumulator room station (into the complete set does not enter) 
Working liquid 5 % solution in water
Distance between racks in light, mm 1200
The sizes of the pressing plate, mm 980X1100
Diameter of an aperture in a table, mm 500
Overall dimensions of press unit, mm 
>From left to right 8900
In front back 7300
Height 9250
Height press above a level of a floor, mm 7070
Weight, kg 
Press 96000
press unit125 000

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