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Model PA0437

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Nominal effort of working cylinders, ts 
I operation 250
II operation 500
III operation 250
Nominal effort of reverse motions, ts 
I operation (and a pusher) 50
II operation (and a pusher) 50
III operation 80
Pressure of water, kgs/cm2 200
Courses of slider, mm 
I operation 1400
II operation 1400
III operation 2800
The greatest distance between a table and slider, mm 
I and II operations 2455
III operation 3065
Speeds of moving slider, mm / sec 
At idling 400
At a working course 350
At reverse motion 400
Estimated time of one cycle, sec 25
The charge of water of a high pressure for one cycle, m3 860
The charge of compressed air for one cycle, m3 0,012
Pressure, kgs/cm2 
Air in pneumosystem 4-6
In filler 6
Voltage in the electric system, V 380/220
The established capacity of the electric motors, kw 68 3
Overall dimension of the press with mechanization without a control panel, mm 
At the left - to the right 8450
In front - back 5350
Height general 11500
Height above a level of a floor 7000
Dimension of control unit in the plan without filler, mm10 600X4500
Weight, tones 
Actually press with mechanization 153
press unit210

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