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Model P2936

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Nominal effort, ts 
верхнею a rod 160
ползуна 400
Effort of reverse motion, ts 
The top rod 130
slider 21
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
Course, mm 
The top rod 160
slider 320
Size of adjustment of a course of the top rod, mm 8
Distance between racks in light, mm 545
The sizes of the top plate, mm 
Width 480
Length 500
The sizes of the slider, mm 
Width 525
Length 680
Distance between working surfaces of the slider and the top plate, mm 
The greatest 500
The least 180
Machine time of a cycle without loading and unloadings (at work of both working cylinders, idling of the slider 270 mm, a working course of the slider 50 mm and a course of the top rod of 160 mm), no more, with 30
Speed of the slider, mm/sec 
At idling 84
At a working course 17
At a returnable course 79
Speed of the top rod, mm / sec 
At a course downwards 42
At a course upwards 56
Effort of a pusher, ts 30
Course of a pusher, mm 100
Speed of a pusher, mm / sec 50
Overall dimensions of unit, mm 
At the left - to the right 5000
In front - back 2300
Height 3600
Height of the press above a level of a floor 3045
Weight, kg 
Press 9900
unit15 100

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