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Model P0234

Img. 1
Nominal effort press, MN 2,5
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, MPa 25
The greatest course, mm 
plunger 1000
Cross-section the pressing cylinder 2300
Longitudinal a portal 5000
Speed, mm/s 
Movings of the plunger 
Accelerated 38
working 0,5; 3,5
Reverse motion of the plunger 70
Movings of the pressing cylinder 150
Movings of a portal 175
Working gleam press, mm 
On width 2750 1250
On height 
Working length of a table, mm 6000
Height of a table above a level of a floor, mm 500
Total capacity of electric motors, kw 14,4
Overall dimensions of a press, mm 
Length 6700
Width 4500
Height 4550
Height above a level of a floor, mm 4300
Weight, kg44 500

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