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Model P0141

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Nominal effort of the press, ts 1250
Effort of reverse motion, ts 80
Pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
The greatest course of the piston, mm 750
The greatest distance from a plane of the basis of a bed up to a plane of a umbrella, mm 11 345
Diameter of a bed, mm 3100
Diameter of umbrellas, mm 2350
Length of rods, mm 7285 (1 piece);
4335 (1 piece);
Speed of pressing, mm / sec 1,25
Speed of reverse motion, mm / sec 15
Time of endurance under pressure, hour 
The greatest 12
The least 0,5
The established capacity of electric motors, kw 25
the size of the unit, mm 
Length 7645
Width 4545
Height 17 100
Height above a level of a floor 13 650
Weight press, kg84 700

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