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Model K25.043

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Nominal effort of the press, ts 500
The greatest course of the spiral shaft, mm 500
Adjustable speed of moving of a rod, mm / with 
Accelerated upwards 10-22
The worker downwards 1,0-2,2
Adjustable duration of endurance under pressure, minutes 5-60
Diameter, mm 
Umbrella 1100
Table 3200
Distance between working planes of a table and a umbrella, mm 
The least 560
The greatest 5600
Height of curbstones, mm 1000
The least internal diameter of a product of mm 450
Total capacity of all electric motors of kw 16,5
Overall dimensions of the press, mm 
Length 5600
Width 3200
Height above a level of a floor 7150
Weight of the press, kg32 000

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