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Model К25.008

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Nominal axial effort, ts 200
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 320
Full course of the left faceplate, mm 800
Speed of the course of the left faceplate, mm / sec 
Accelerated 195
In a slowed-up way 140
Course of wedges, mm 25
Speed of a course of wedges, м/е 
Accelerated 73
In a slowed-up way 33
Speed of tap of the left faceplate of mm / N 
Accelerated 200
In a slowed-up way 94
Course of the stretching end, degrees 12
Radial course of fists (on the party), mm 20
Adjustment of a radial course of fists, mm 10
Depth of fists of mm 350
The greatest distance between end faces of fists, mm 700
The landing diameter formed разжатыми on a full speed by fists of mm 440
The greatest diameter of a pressed product, mm 1300
Height of an axis press above a level of a floor, mm 1500
Total capacity of the electric motor, kw 57
Overall dimensions of the press of mm 
length 5800
width 1360
Height 2650
Overall dimensions of the unit, mm 
width 5900
length 27 500
Height 2650
Weight of the unit, kg 20 050

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