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Model K25 006

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Effort, ts 
Pressing 1000
Reverse motion 80
Course of the piston, mm 800
Diameter, mm 
The bases of a bed 3100
Umbrella 2500
Height of the prorate of the umbrella, mm 500
Diameter of the prorate, mm 2700
Length of rods, mm 1485, 4120, 5095
The greatest distance from a plane of the basis of a bed up to a plane of a umbrella, mm 7000
Speed, mm / with 
Pressing 1,5
Reverse motion 15
Drive of the press Individual oil
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
Endurance under pressure, hours 
The greatest 10
The least 0,5
Overall dimensions press, mm 
At the left - to the right 7020
In front - back height general 12 720
Height general 4350
Height above a level of a floor 10110
Weight, tones 80

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