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Model К25.005

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Nominal effort of the press, ts 630
Nominal pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 200
Course of the plunger, mm 1000
Speed of the plunger, mm / sec 
At a working course 1-2,5
At reverse motion 12,5-30
Distance from an end face of the plunger up to an end face of the mobile traverse, mm 
The greatest 6000
The least 500
Time of endurance at nominal pressure, hours Up to 12
Establishment I capacity of electric motors, kw 23,5
Overall dimensions of the press, mm 
At the left - to the right 10 200
In front - back 2300
Height general 2750
Height above a level of a floor 2180
Weight of the press, kg27 860

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