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Model IA3528

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Diameter of bent pipes with a limit of fluidity т = 25 kgs/mm2, mm 
The least 25
The greatest 60
The greatest thickness of a wall of a bent pipe in diameter of 60 mm, mm 4
The moment of resistance of bent pipes, no more, than cm3 9,2
Radius of bending sector of a pipe (internal) 
The least 1,54 d
The biggest, mm 320
The greatest length of a bent pipe at bending, mm 6000
Angle of turn of bending sector, degrees 10-210
Nominal torque on the shaft of a bending sector, MNm (tsm) 1 1
Speed of rotation of bending sector (adjustable), rev/min 0,5-5
the greatest course of a mobile trench, mm 600
Pressure of a working liquid, nominal, kgs/cm2 100
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm 
lengtht 7900
width 1660
Height 1180
Weight of the machine, kg 2500

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