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Extrusion-blowing machine for producing of cored products

Model Eva-60З

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Volume of a blowed product, litres 
The biggest 60
The least20
The biggestvolume of a material of squeezed out half-finished product, cm38500
Quantity of simultaneously received products1
The biggest inner diameter of a mouthpiece of the tool, mm165
Effort of closing of the forms, ts 20
Pressure in a pneumonet, kgs/cm2up to 6
Stroke of mobile plates, mm530
Least distance between the shown plates, mm100
Distance between columns in light, mm 
horizontal 585
vertical 485
The least thickness of the installed form, mm100
Diameter of a spiral shaft, mm80
The attitude of length of a treaded side of a spiral shaft to its diameter (L/d)15
Speed of rotation of a spiral shaft, rotates per minute0—100
Capacity of an electric heating, kw31,2
Fixed capacity of electric motors, kw30,8
Overall dimensions, mm 
Width 3745
Weight of the machine, tones10,66

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