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Extrusion-blowing machine for producing of cored products

Model Eva-2

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Volume of a blowed product, litres 
The biggest 2
The least 0,1
Quantity of simultaneously received products 
The biggest, at capacity of a product up to 0,1 litres 6
The least, at capacity of a product up to 2 litres1
The biggest inner diameter of a mouthpiece of the tool, mm 
At work as one stream of extrusion head60
At work as three streams of extrusion head40
Effort of closing of the forms, ts3
Stroke of mobile plates, mm110Х2
Pressure in a pneumonet, kgs/cm24—6
The charge of air in a pneumonet, m3/hour10
The charge of water for cooling, m3/hour0,5
Thickness of the installed forms, mm 
The biggest 150
The least110
Speed of rotation of a worm, rotates/minute15—100
The electric motor of a drive of a plastification worm 
typeП 51
Capacity, kw6
Nominal number of rotates per minute 1500
Capacity of an electric heating, kw9,8
Overall dimensions of the machine (length X width Х height), mm2800X1320X2700
Weight of the machine, tones3,6

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