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The moulding automatic device for processing polyamides, polyformaldehydes, polycarbonates

Model DA3234

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The bigest volume of an injected material for one cycle, cm3250
Effort of lock-out of the press-form, ts200
specific pressure on a material, kgs/cm22400
Stroke of a mobile plate, mm400
The bigest distance between mobile and motionless plates, mm800
Adjustment of distance between mobile and motionless plates, mm180
Distance between columns in light, mm 
Time of one closing and disclosing of the form, not more, sec7,0
Time of injection of a material in the form, с2
Temperature of a plastification, °C300
Total capacity, kw 
electric heating10
Electric motors13,45
Distance from a floor up to the injection axis, mm1325
Overall dimensions of the automatic device, mm 
in the plan4950X1300
Height above a level of a floor2400
Weight of the automatic device, tones 11

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