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The moulding automatic device for processing polyamides, polyformaldehydes, polycarbonates

Model DA3231

Img. 1 Photo. Model DA3231

Img. 2 General view (without an electrocase)
The bigest volume of an injected material for one cycle, cm3125
The bigest specific pressure on a material, kgs/cm21600
Stroke of a mobile plate, mm 320
Effort of lock-out of the press-form, ts 100
The bigest distance between mobile and motionless plates, mm 140
Distance between columns in light, mm 
Distance from a floor up to the injection axis, mm1225
Diameter of a spiral shaft, mm45
Frequency of rotation of a spiral shaft, rotates/minute135—90
Temperature of a plastification, °C300
Total capacity, kw 
electric heating6
Electric motors 13,45
Overall dimensions of the automatic device, mm 
in the plan 3965X1036
Height above a level of a floor2280
Weight of the automatic device, tones6

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