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Special hydraulic press

Model D9133

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Nominal effort press, ts200
Nominal effort of a return stroke, ts18
Effort of the cylinder of a table, ts1,0
Pressure of a working liquid, kgs/cm2 
In the main cylinder200
In returnable cylinders200
In the cylinder of a table30
Stroke, mm 
mobile traverse (bigest)1000
upper traverse (bigest)1000
sliding table1000
Speed, mm/sec 
accelerated supply of mobile traverse with effort 40 ts (P = 40 kgs/cm2)19
final pressing2,9
return stroke of a mobile traverse32
moving of a sliding floor25
moving of an upper traverse2,0
Distance between columns in light, mm030X630
The working area of a table, mm650X450
Height of a table above a level of a floor, mm525
Open height of press, mm2200
Fixed capacity of electric motors (3 units), kW24
Overall dimensions, mm 
Height above a level of a floor, mm3595
Weight of a press, tones12

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