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Reactive plastic automatic device

Model D3440

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The biggest volume of an injected material, cm3 1000
Effort of closing of the form, ts630
Specific pressure on a material at injection, kgs/cm21800
Pressure of a working liquid in hydrosystem kgs/cm2 200
Stroke of a mobile plate, mm 630
The biggest distance between mobile and immovable plates, mm1250
Adjustment of the distance between mobile and immovable plates, mm 290
Distance between columns in light, mm 
vertical 630
horizontal 800
Height of an axis of the automatic device above a floor level, mm1285
horizontal 500
Time of one closing and disclosing of the form (not more than), sec14
Time of injection of a material in the form, sec4-6
Temperature of plastfication, °С up to 100
Total capacity, kw 
electric heating 4
all electric motors 60
Overall dimensions of a unit, mm  
heigth 3270
Weight of a unit, tones30

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