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Reactive plastic automatic device

Model D3437

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The biggest volume of an injected material, cm3500
Effort of closing of the form, ts320
Specific pressure on a material at injection, kgs/cm21800
Stroke of a mobile plate, mm500
The biggest distance between mobile and immovable plates, mm1000
Distance between columns in light, mm 
Time of one closing and disclosing of the form, sec17
Time of injection of a material in the form, sec3,5
Diameter of a spiral shaft, мм65
Length of a working part of a spiral shaft, mm1040
The biggest stroke of the spiral shaft, мм190
The number of revolutions of a spiral shaft per minute (adjusted) 10 — 93
The biggest pressure in injection hydrosystem, kgs/cm2 100
Effort of injection, kgs 61500
Volume of the bunker, dm3 80
Quantity of zones of heating 4
Total capacity of electrical heating, kw 2,52
Capacity of electrical heating of the form, kw 12
The biggest effort of tearing off of the form, ts 61
The biggest pressure in hydrosystem of pressing, kgs/cm2 
At moulding under pressure 200
at casting pressing 100
The biggest stroke of the pressing piston within the limits of allowable adjustment of thickness of the used press-forms, mm 220
Stroke of the working pressing piston, mm 5 — 8
Diameter of columns, mm 110
Height of the installed press-form, mm 280 — 50
Stroke of the pusher (adjustable), mm 0 — 70
Conditional pass in system of cooling, mm 
input 20
output 50
The bigest charge of cooling water, litres/min 50
Pressure in system of cooling (not more), kgs/cm2 3
Capacity of a hydrotank, litres 700
Height of the injection axis above a floor level, mm 1325
Fixed capacity of electric motors of a drive, kw 63,5
Overall dimensions, mm 
length 5500
width 1435
height 2300
Weights, tones 14,5

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