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Reactive plastic automatic device

Model D3431

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The biggest volume of an injected material, cm3 125
Efforts of closing of the form, ts 100
Specific pressure on a material at injection, kgs/cm2 1600
Stroke of a mobile plate, mm 320
The biggest distance between plates, mm 630
Adjustment of distance between mobile and immovable plates, mm 140
Distance between columns in light, mm 
horizontal 400
vertical 320
Time of one closing and disclosing of the form (not more than), sec 5
Time of injection of a material in the form, sec 1,6
Diameter of a worm, mm 45
The speed of rotation of a worm (adjustable), rev/min 25 — 90
Pressure in hydrosystem, kgs/cm2 100
Capacity of the electric motor of the pump, kw 13
Overall dimensions, mm 
length 4330
width 1036
height 2100
Weight of the machine (without hydro- and electric equipment), tones 5,0
Weight of installation, tones 6,5

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