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Models B6234, B6238

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Nominal effort of press, ts250
Nominal pressure of working liquid, kgs/cm2200
Ramming effort, ts 1,6
Press effort, ts12,5
Taking off container effort, ts20
The biggest stroke of a press stamp, mm350
Stroke of a container, mm140
The biggest specific pressure of pressing, kgs/cm2 3200
Inner dimensions of a container, mm 
diameter 250
lenght 250
Diameter of a instrument (delivered on the order), mm100,120
Diameter of a finished briquette, mm 
made of steel 
made of cast iron 
diameter 100
Weight of a briquette, kg 
made of steel ~2,0
made of cast iron ~2,5
Pressing time for one briquette, minutes 0,1
Productivity of a press, tones per hour, at producing 
steel briquettes 1,1
cast iron briquettes 1,5
Distance from an axis of the container to a floor level, mm730
Volume of the loading bunker, m30,05
Fixed capacity of electric motors, kW30,8
Overall dimensions, mm 
lenth 3600
width 2140
height 1840
Weight of a press, tones 8,7


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